A Riot Games League of Legends is constantly making changes, and while some champions receive changes almost every month, there is one that hasn’t received a major change in nine years: Zilean. He was even called “perfect champion” jokingly by a Rioter.

The last major change Zilean received was in 2015

Zilean is a champion that hasn’t needed many balances from Riot in recent years, with his last major change being in patch 05.23, released in November 2015. In that patch, his passive started to offer more experience to allies.

Since then, Zilean has only undergone bug fixes and some adjustments to his base attributes, which are more related to changing the game in general than necessarily to the strength of the champion.


Perfect champion?

In a Reddit post, Rioter RiotRayYonggi joked and responded that he is “maybe the perfect champion.”

The champion’s fans also raised several curiosities about all these years that Zilean hasn’t received any major updates. To give you an idea, since then 39 new LoL champions have been released.

It appears that Zilean will continue in the state it is in. Despite not having had major changes in recent years, the champion has constantly appeared in the competitive, proving that he is a good choice for group play, although being impactful with him in soloQ may require more training.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in February 12, 2024edited 8 hours ago

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