LoL, even though it was released in 2009, is still a very popular game – however, it comes suffering in receiving new players. A player, via Reddit, reported why it is so problematic the experience for new players.

New players struggle to get started in LoL

According to the player, he convinced his girlfriend to start playing LoL, and since he had been playing since 2014, he didn’t remember what the experience was like for newcomers. He confesses to having found it shocking, check out the report:

After she completed the tutorial (which only taught the minimum of how to walk and attack in the game), she started playing against bots and without the slightest explanation of how Summoner Spells, neutral objectives, runes, items, lanes work. or game functions. So I was there to explain to her how they work and where she should go. It’s an overwhelming amount of information left behind, but she got the hang of it playing Morgana and Ashe. After playing against bots became easier, she started playing the normal game, and then another problem started.

And then the player reports his frustration against smurf accounts:

In each game of hers, she would fall with two or three Smurfs ending all the games (and most of them on the opposite team), so she couldn’t even leave the lane. She was frustrated by how quickly the games ended and she had no impact. Riot really needs to reevaluate the experience for new players: create even more tutorials and fix the smurf account issue.

Riot already plans solution

Almost a month ago, RiotIksar said that Riot is working to “detect and ban” Smurfs in 2024. Check out the speech:

Get better tools to track players on secondary accounts and be able to use this information when creating a match. If you are a player who wants to create a new account and play normally, we don’t think there is anything wrong with that. It’s up to us to put him in games with people of his skill level. If you are a player who wants to create a new account and play multiple games to lower your MMR so you can crush low MMR players, we want to detect and ban your account. We already have some tools for this, but they need to be faster and more accurate.

Image: Reproduction/Riot
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 13, 2024


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