In recent days, some players have discovered that a LoL champion was mysteriously buffed by Riot Games and this change didn’t even appear in the patch 13.16 patch notes.

In a post on Reddit, a user posted that the Kassadinpopular champion in LoL, had his Your ultimate ability power multiplier increased from 40% to 60%. However, this change was disclosed nowhere by Riot Games.

The latest changes in Kassadin

In recent updates, the champion did have some changes, and they were also buffs. In this case, his Q, W and R had their strength increased in Arena Mode, LoL’s 2v2v2v2 that recently left the official server.

On the official server, i.e. Summoner’s Rift, Kassadin hasn’t received a change since February. At the time, the champion underwent adjustments during the patch 13.3one of the first of this season’s MOBA by Riot Games.

Secret buff increased champion’s win rate in LoL

Since this change came to the official LoL server, Kassadin has seen his winning percentages increase in the game. In 49.98% in patch 13.14, now has more than 51% in updates 13.15 and 13.16. With this data, it is possible that this change has already been in the game for a long time.

Kassadin doesn’t have any changes scheduled for the next wave of updates. However, it is possible that this secret buff could be reversed soon, as Riot Games has not officially commented on the matter.

Imagem: Riot Games
Luis Santana
published in August 29, 2023


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