A 2024 season League of Legends has arrived and with that several changes take many by surprise, as we didn’t have the famous pre-season. If you are lost with the new LoL support items in 2024how to do it and which one to choose, don’t worry, the More Esports will explain each of them to you!

New League Support Item in 2024 – World Atlas

In 2023, supports could choose between four support items in League and thus make it their mission to evolve them into the improved version, which gives Ward charges.

However, in 2024 these items were removed and became the World Atlasan item that later evolves into Runic Compass and finally, Gift of the Worlds.

How to evolve the support item in LoL in 2024?

To evolve items, you must obtain a certain amount of gold, either causing damage to structures, champions or killing a troop using an item charge. The evolution of items needs 500 gold (each) to be completed.

By evolving the World Atlas for Runic Compassyou already get the Ward’s three chargesthese are replenished whenever the champion returns to base.

Choosing from the five Gift of the Worlds upgrades

To the evolve Rune Compass into Gift of the Worldsa small window near the item space will appear with five enhancement options, and you can choose between one of them to permanently improve the item.

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See what improvements to LoL support items are:

  • Heavenly Opposition: Passive – Blessing of the Mountain: You gain Blessed status, taking 40% (melee) or 25% (ranged) damage from Champions. The effect lasts 2s after taking damage from a Champion. When the reduction ends, emits a shockwave around you that slows nearby enemies by 50% for 1.5s. The effect resets after 15s out of combat.
  • Solstice Sleigh: Passive: Slowing or Immobilizing an enemy champion grants 120 additional Health and 90 Movement Speed ​​for 4s to you and the closest ally with the least Health. 20s cooldown time.
  • Blood Song: Passive – Arcane Blade: After using a Skill, your next Attack is empowered and deals 75 additional Physical Damage on hit (1.5s cooldown). If the target is a Champion, apply Expose Weakness, increasing damage taken by 12% (melee) or 8% (ranged) for 6s.
  • Creasonhos: Passive – Dreamcreator: receives a Blue Dream Bubble and a Purple Dream Bubble every 8s. Granting Heal or Shield to an ally blows both Dream Bubbles towards them, empowering them for 3s. The Blue Bubble reduces damage taken from the next hit by 140 and the Purple Bubble grants 90 additional magic damage on the next attack.
  • Zaz’Zak Invadomínio: Passive – Void Blast: Dealing ability damage to a Champion causes an explosion at their current location, debilitating the target and nearby enemies by dealing 50 (+3% of maximum Health) Magic Damage, capped at 300 against monsters . 3s cooldown time.

*Item passives may change over the course of patches.

How to choose LoL support items in 2024?

Choosing the support item upgrade depends a lot on which champion you are playing and how you want to play the match in question, whether offensively, defensively or with peel. Here’s how to choose each enhancement:

Heavenly Opposition

Ideal for when you need to stay tough in the gameor deal with assassin champions, as it gives a shield.

Solstice Sleigh

Good for champions with a lot of crowd controlsuch as Braum, Alistar, Nautilus and others, as the passive gives health and movement speed to you and the closest ally.

Blood Song

Good for AD supportsas it increases the basic attack after using a skill and leaves the target “marked” to suffer more damage.


Ideal for peel championsthat have healing or shield spells, as it will strengthen allies.

Zaz’Zak Invadomínio

Good for Poke Holdersas it makes skills cause an explosion, dealing more damage.

New item system for supports, but with similarities to 2023

Although Riot changed the entire support item system, it still has similarities with the 2023 one, so it’s not a big deal. With our tutorial, you’re now ready to charge support in League’s ranked queues, or rage with your ADC.

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