The “Still Here” video, from the 2024 League of Legends Season, is already seeing absurd numbers on the internet. Youtube! In less than a week, the animation managed to surpass the 100 million views.

(Image: Reproduction/Youtube)

Despite the high number of views, Still Here is not yet Riot’s most viewed season opener video, but it has the potential to be.

Awaken, 2019, has already reached more than 122 million viewswhile Warriors, 2020, has 152 million. The Call, 2022, passed the 158 million views.

Repercussion of the video Still Here

The League of Legends Season 2024 video features several LoL champions and has a really cool Easter Egg with Kindred. Furthermore, the community really liked the video, which even pushed it outside the LoL bubble, causing several famous YouTubers to react to the animation.

Still Here marks the arrival of patch 14.1, the first of the year. Additionally, Riot revealed the Prophesized Yasuo skin. In it, the character has the same appearance as the animation released by the company.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in January 16, 2024


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