Have you watched the video celebrating the start of Season 2024 in LoL? The animation was incredible and received a great reception from fans, including a Easter Egg that, at first, few people noticed.

Kindred’s Easter Egg in the LoL video

The 2024 Season video shows several champions, including the Kindred, that represent death. It’s worth remembering that the champion’s biography tells a little about this:

Distinct but never separate, Kindred represent the twin essences of death. The Sheep’s arc provides a quick transition from the mortal world for those who accept their destiny. The Wolf hunts those who flee their end, delivering them the ultimate violence of his crushing fangs.

(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

It turns out that Riot’s video starts with Tryndamere down and several soldiers around, but he sees a shadow, of someone coming to help. In the final part, Tryndamere is fighting the Kindred, and when they are about to kill him, the Ashe appears and saves him.

Image of Ashe in the new LoL animation for Season 2024
(Image: Reproduction/Riot)

However, Ashe does not save him from Kindred, but from death, as she activates two arrows on soldiers who were going to kill him. In this way, it is understood that Tryndamere was fighting with the Kindred as a form of metaphor, as, in fact, he was fighting the soldiers against death.

Kindred appear in other moments of the video

The kindred appear in other moments as an Easter Egg in the LoL video. Content creator Barba do Rafa pointed out that they always arrive to “look for” champions who are on the verge of death.

Kindred’s shadow appears to fetch Aatrox, after being defeated by Kayle e Morgana, and also the Yasuo, who is facing a rain of arrows. This only reinforces the idea that Kindred represent death in Riot’s new video.

Community has very positive reception and Yasuo becomes a LoL skin

The community loved Riot’s new video, which officially opens Season 2024. Patch 14.1, the first of the year, is now available on the official server and brings thousands of changes to the game.

Additionally, Riot revealed the Prophesized Yasuo skin. In it, the character has the same appearance as the animation released by the company.

Image of the Prophesized Yasuo skin in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

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