LoL received patch 14.1 this Wednesday (10/01), the first of the 2024 season. It brought several items, changes to the map and a lack of details. With the absence of the Pre-Season and such an extensive patch, players criticized the lack of details.

Patch notes missing information and with writing inconsistencies

It all started in a Reddit debate, where the player demonstrated that he was unable to understand a specific percentage of the Shojin Spear item. From this post, several other players criticized the lack of details

Can anyone explain what this means? 2= ​​1.5%?


In the discussion, other players criticized the company, check it out:

I agree that this was an extremely poor patch note, perhaps the worst they have ever released

One of the comments mocks the company:

Riot Games giving its “best”

A fan came to the company’s defense:

Riot developers also deserve a break in December, just like any other company.

It’s not their fault if you can’t play in January. They don’t play anyway, so they don’t care. Just know that they are trying their best, the best that millions of dollars and Chinese investors can buy, to make the game an inclusive place for everyone. Because at the end of the day, that’s what matters.

Below, a user responds to the statement:

Do you know what we do in our company before taking that well-deserved break at the end of the year? We make sure everything is done and checked, ready to launch and approved for all the things that will happen during this break. And we do this weeks in advance.

There was also no shortage of criticism on X (Formerly Twitter), check it out:

Missed pre-season?

In a video from More Esports, This issue has been addressed and there are already some players criticizing the absence of the Pre-Season. Check out:

Sergio Fiorini
published in January 11, 2024


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