Everyone has been through this. Whether in horror, action, strategy games or any other genre, inevitably At some point we have already taken very stupid actions that made the game punish us with a “game over” (or something worse) because of a wrong choice.

That’s exactly what we’ll talk about in this special, prepared by the team at Voxel, since not all titles come in handy if we fail miserably in a mission. Check out!

1. Resident Evil 4

Let’s start with Resident Evil 4which is part of one of the best-known franchises when it comes to horror games.

This adventure starring Leon S. Kennedy takes us to explore a village with a macabre cult in an attempt to save Ashley, the daughter of the president of the United States. And, as you can already imagine, the game will be cruel if you take an idiotic attitude at one point.

At a certain point in the game, Leon passes by a large lake in which we can see two characters dumping some bodies. If you get to the edge of this area and try to shoot some fish that are swimming around, a giant creature will appear out of nowhere and simply swallow the protagonist.

2. Deadpool The Game

Anything that bears Deadpool’s name already makes us imagine that we will have some fun along the way, and with Deadpool The Game things would be no different.

At a certain point in the adventure, the protagonist needs to spend an entire session acting in stealth until he finds Sinister and eliminates him. Of course, you can make a mistake on the way once, twice, four, seven… However, if this happened 10 timesDeadpool would appear and give a nice cut to the action telling us to jump to where the game should continue (that is, no eleventh attempt).

3. Metal Gear Solid 2

The franchise Metal Gear makes Snake need to go through different situations throughout the journey. In the second game, for example, there is a moment where you have to invade an oil tanker and take, in six minutes, four photos of what is happening there without being noticed — which, believe me, can be complicated for some people.

Seriously, anything you did to get discovered gave you a game over screen. If you were unable to complete this objective within the initial time, the game would still give you three additional minutes. to try to move and take the blessed photos if just one of them was missing. If you still had problems, no chance: you’ll have to redo everything again.

4. Spider-Man

Let’s go back to Marvel characters once again and remember another game that punishes you in a bizarre way for playing poorly: Spider-Man para PlayStation 2.

As is the case in many games available on the market, you have the option of going through a tutorial teaching you how to launch a web, move through the air and even learn some notions of fighting mechanics. Although, if it’s really bad and you manage to die to an NPC who isn’t even trying to kill youit’s best to be prepared for the following joke:

“Okay… Well, you just got your ass kicked by the weakest enemy in the game. That’s not something you want to brag about, right? Now, luckily for you, you can practice here until guys like this are just speed bumps in the way for bigger criminals. Of course if you’re rubbish, you’ll stay here forever.” Heavy.

5. TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2 It’s one of those games that involves multiplayer combat in an arena, and there’s always the chance that someone is having a bad day, blames it on the controller or something like that and doesn’t manage to kill anyone (or very little).

If this happens to you, the game won’t necessarily punish you, but will send an army of killer monkeys to kill enemies in your place (and maybe this is quite comical, but at the same time, the game clearly says that a monkey plays better).

6. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

And look, even Final Fantasy 7 Remake There is a very specific moment to make fun of those who don’t play well, more precisely in the battle against Hell House (yes, you will unleash spells and everything else in the fight against a covered house).

At this point in the game, two narrators will comment on the progress of the fight, and if you don’t do very well, they will make several comments mocking you — which can be annoying, but a way of punishing you for playing poorly. .

And you, remember more horror games or any other genre that punish you for playing poorly? Share your opinion with other readers of the Voxel accessing our social networks.

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