O patch 13.19 do LoL it will be the update in which Worlds 2023, the LoL world championship, will be played! This time, the developer will carry out buffs and nerfs to at least 13 championsin addition to making some adjustments to items.

According to the developer Phroxzonthe changes are focused on improving champions that were weak in general and reducing the strength of a few characters from Riot Games’ MOBA.

Next, we will show you the buffs and nerfs to LoL patch 13.19as well as the release date and other important changes to League of Legends.

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When does LoL patch 13.19 arrive?

O patch 13.19 de LoL is scheduled to arrive on the server on the day September 27th.

Buffs do patch 13.19 de LoL



  • Cooldown decreased: 180-140 >>> 170-130
  • Daughter of Death – Slow: from 60% for 1 second to 75% for 1 second
  • Mortal Raise – Bonus Movement Speed: from 30% for 2 seconds to 40% for 2 seconds

According to the developer, the focus of the changes to Gangplank is to improve the overall aspect of the game.



  • Cooldown Time: from 200-160 seconds to 180-140 seconds

Similar change to Gangplank, more strength for the champion’s global aspect in matches.



  • Minimum damage: from 50/125/200 (+25% of total AD) to 64/154/244 (+25 of total AD)

Lee sin

Base attributes


  • Vampirism: from 5-27% to 10-26%


  • Base Magic Damage: from 35-155 (+100% of total AD) to 35-135 (+100% of total AD)

For Lee Sin, the increase was in his early game strength, but taking care that he doesn’t return strong to play in individual lanes, and, rather, focus his strengths and appearances entirely on the jungle.



  • Rooting Duration: from 1.1/1.5 seconds to 1.25/1.65 seconds



  • Ratio of AP per hit: from 10% to 15% of AP
  • Ratio of AP to maximum total magic damage: from 90% to 135% of AP


Base attributes

  • Life per level: 104 >> 110


  • Cooldown Time: from 12-10 seconds to 12-8 seconds



  • Base damage: from 70-210 to 75-215



  • Projectile Speed: from 4,000 to 5,000

LoL patch 13.19 nerfs



  • Cooldown Time: from 12-6 seconds to 14-6 seconds



  • Healing: from 15-125 (+2-12% of maximum health) to 10 (+2-10% of maximum health)


  • Damage: from 34-50% of total AD to 30-50% of total AD


  • Bonus Movement Speed: from 15/20/25/30 (levels 1/6/11/16) to 5/10/15 (levels 1/6/11)
  • Damage: from 50-110 (+80% bonus AD) to 50-190 (+80% bonus AD)



  • Magic resistance from 32 to 28


Base attributes

  • Base movement speed: 335 >>> 330

Item changes in LoL patch 13.19

Randuin’s Omen

Huntress’s Armorguard

  • Base Armor: 15 >>> 20 (Max Armor: 30 >>> 35)

New skins arrive in LoL patch 13.19

LoL Patch 13.19 will feature Lá Illusión skins. They are based on a Mexican tradition called “Day of the Dead”, or “Dia de Los Muertos”, always celebrated in November. The Champions Gnar, Qiyana, Nidalee, Ziggs, Draven e ReEnata Glasc will receive the skins.

All of these LoL patch 13.19 skins will be available on September 27th at 5pm. Below, see their image:

Gnar The Illusion

Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Tomorrow The Illusion

Image of the new skin Qiyana La Illusion in LoL,
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Nidalee The Illusion

Image of the new NidaleeLa Illusion skin in League, for patch 13.19
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Draven La Illusion

Image of the new Draven La Illusion skin in League, for patch 13.19
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Ziggs La Illusion

Imagem da nova skin Ziggs La Illusion no LoL, para o patch 13.19
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Renata Glasc The Illusion

Image of the new Renata Glasc La Illusion skin in LoL, for patch 13.19
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Renata Glasc La Illusion Prestígio

Image of the new skin Renata Glasc La Illusion Prestígio in LoL, for patch 13.19
Image: Disclosure/Riot)

About Worlds 2023!

The LoL World Cup is coming and with it the update in which the entire championship will be played. LOUD will be Brazil’s representative in the tournament and will face Marines in their first match of the tournament. The last time Brazil faced a team from Vietnam was seven years ago!

See all the world championship theme songs, as well as all the teams and players who chose character skins after winning the tournament. Also, check out all the cities that have hosted the Worlds.

Image of Worlds 2023 according to LoL world championship times
(Image: Disclosure/Riot Games)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/notas-de-atualizacao-patch-13-19-lol

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