There is a champion who receives nerf for being out of the curve, or for having reigned competitively for a long time. But in the case of Zacthe nerf was due to the champion being… uninteresting.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Zac receives nerf for being uninteresting, according to Rioter

According to Riot Phroxzon, leader in designing the champions’ gameplay – and also for changes – said that in patch 14.8 Zac will suffer nerfs.

Despite appearing competitively, the reason for the nerf on Zac is not exactly his strength, check out Rioter’s speech:

For now, he’s not technically an outsider, but his lane phase is relatively uninteresting. We’re going to reduce his strength, just a little, especially to ensure that jungle is Zac’s most powerful role.

Na photo, o Riot Phroxzon
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games

Zac non-competitive

Contrary to Riot’s wishes, Zac top is much more effective than in the jungle. So far in competition, the champion has 100 games and 51% of victory, and in the jungle they are just 18 games and 38.9% of victory.

Adding the selection of major regions, the number improves for Zac jungle, but the presence drops sharply: there are only four appearances and two wins (50%). In the same cut, but for Zac top, they were 18 matches with 55.6% of victories.

Was it fair to choose Zac to receive nerf?

Image of champion Zac in LoL
Image: Disclosure/Riot
Sergio FioriniSergio Fiorini
published in April 9, 2024


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