Consecrated as one of the most popular shooting and extraction games today, Escape From Tarkov has gathered a legion of fans since the beta debut in 2016. Now, the shooter from Russian studio Battlestate Games is about to take an important step very soon.

Nikita Buyanov, head of Battlestate Games, recently spoke about the future of the game and several other topics with Pestily, one of the shooter’s most prominent content creators. Some of the topics covered in the interview, which lasts more than 1h20, include diverse subjects related to the game’s universe.

However, the highlight of the chat, naturally, was the long-awaited debut of Escape From Tarkov 1.0 — as well as the various new features that are coming, including new factions, expansions, DLCs and much more.

O Voxel separated the main information from the interview and you can check out the details below!

When will Escape From Tarkov 1.0 be released?

There is still a lot of mystery surrounding the release date of Escape From Tarkov 1.0the final version of the game — which has been in beta since its launch in 2016.

The occasion, of course, is one of the most anticipated moments by players, as the arrival of the full version of the shooter implies a complete reformulation of the current model.

Although the date was not confirmed by Buyanov in the interview, he revealed other important information in the conversation with Pestily.

Will Tarkov 1.0 have an open world and new factions?

One of Byanov’s first confirmations is that Tarkov 1.0 It will never be an open world game because, apparently, that would be “too much” — however, the maps in the final version will be connected.

Although many call for an open world, combining maps seems to be a good strategy for the shooter. This is because players will be able to stay in the raid and transition from one place to another without having to leave and load another raid.

Tarkov 1.0 will not have an open world, but it will have the addition of a new faction.Fonte:  Escape From Tarkov

As far as the new factions are concerned, the head of the Russian studio confirmed that Tarkov 1.0 will have a new group called RUAF — which, apparently, will arrive in the current version of Escape From Tarkov.

The RUAF is nothing less than the Russian Armed Forces and will be a supporting faction for BEAR — a private military company (PMC) in the game. In short, the group will act similar to what the Rogues do with the USEC (another faction) on the Lighthouse map.

Expansions and microtransactions are coming

Another good news is that there are a series of expansions planned that will bring exciting new features to Tarkov 1.0such as story mode missions, extra downloadable content and even the addition of clans and alliances.

Tarkov 1.0 will have microtransactions, but the feature will be focused on cosmetic items.Tarkov 1.0 will have microtransactions, but the feature will focus on cosmetic items.Fonte:  Escape From Tarkov

Furthermore, there will be the addition of microtransactions in the final version of the game — but don’t worry, it doesn’t seem like a “pay to win” kind of thing.

According to Byanov, the feature will be focused entirely on skins and other cosmetic items and there is no intention to add “boosters, equipment packs or coin packs”.

Revamped anti-cheat system, story mode and more

Let’s face it: hackers and cheaters shouldn’t even exist in online games, right? Fortunately, it appears that Battlestate Games is working to improve the anti-cheat system in Tarkov 1.0.

“Cheaters are finding imperfections and other abuses in the code. Every time, when we close something for cheaters, they find another way. We close it, they find another way. It’s an ongoing process,” explained Byanov.

The Russian studio is working on improvements to the anti-cheat system for the final version of the shooter.The Russian studio is working on improvements to the anti-cheat system for the final version of the shooter.Fonte:  Escape From Tarkov

Escape From Tarkov 1.0 will have a new story that will feature several alternative endings, in addition to the addition of a new place called Terminal, which appears to be very different from the current maps. It will function more as a transportation hub than a map where players can load up and attack as they normally would.

Finally, the final version of the shooter will have several adjustments to its mechanics, as well as improvements to several weapons. Looking forward to the Tarkov 1.0? Comment your expectations on social media Voxel!


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