A Non-LoL Mastery is a symbol that shows that you play a lot with a certain champion and are an ace with him (not always), and in 2024 it will feature a new “infinite levels“. See more details below.

Riot sees problems with the current concept of Mastery in League

Riot believes that Mastery 7 limits the initial concept of the mechanic: separating an average player from a great player with a certain character.

Furthermore, the levels are limited, which means that many players have already reached the maximum, and the Mastery score does not have the impact it should have.

With that, Riot defined some principles for updating the Mastery system:

  • Mastery is for all players, regardless of mode or rank.
  • Mastery reflects real achievement, not just repetitive effort.
  • Players always want more Mastery, and the system should reflect that.

Change to the Mastery system in League

In 2024, Riot will increase the number of Mastery emblems in LoL, meaning we will now have 10 different models. But it doesn’t stop there, the Mastery level will be infinite, and the amount you have will be shown on the last coat of arms, the level 10 one.

With this, the developer will now increase the number of Masteries to the level 10, but it won’t stop there. The system will become infinite, receiving a plate with a number, which differentiates how high your level is with the champion.

Disclosure/Riot Games

How does the new Mastery system work?

Now we will have the Mastery Milestones, which will replace the S token model (S+, S, S- onwards…). You can Mastery Points playing with the champion, and Marcos performing some feats of skill, which have not yet been specified.

From Mastery level 1-4, you don’t need Mastery Milestones, but from 5-9 you need at least one. At 10+ you will need two.

Will I lose all my Mastery?

In no way will Riot use the players’ many points and reallocate them in this new system. So, if you are already Mastery 7, don’t worry, your Mastery will remain intact.

Image of the new mastery system in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Mastery by stage

Riot also thought of a way to reward players beyond infinite Mastery – which can be tiring. The developers thought about Champion’s Trail.

  • At each stage, every champion will have a trail with 4 landmarks
  • To complete a milestone, you need to play and earn above-average Mastery points. Each milestone requires a higher score
  • When you complete a milestone, you receive a Mastery Milestone
  • When you complete the last milestone, you will receive a title from your champion. Example: “A Darkin Sword”Aatrox title

New Mastery Set system

In addition, the company also created the “Mastery Set” system, to reward those who have Mastery with different champions in League.

Each set will consist of a roster of Champions, which are a combination of your favorites, ones we think you might like, plus a few selected by us. Completing milestones for any of the Champions on the set reward tracks will contribute towards progress towards the set rewards.

When are the Mastery changes coming to League?

All of these LoL Mastery changes are expected to take effect in Q2 2024, with no specific dates.

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-maestria-tera-niveis-infinitos-em-2024

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