A hyper-realistic horror game has been catching the attention of the gaming community in recent days. The proposal to Digested is to put the player in the shoes of a person who is lost in the middle of the forest and needs to escape from a giant snake.

The game’s announcement trailer was released at the beginning of last month and started to become a topic in recent days. Now available to be added to the Steam wishlist, Digested even has an official synopsis. It is described as an “intense” survival horror in a “breathtaking” setting.

“The game lets you loose in an expansive and unpredictable environment, where your main mission is to locate navigation points. These points are crucial, revealing the location of your extraction pod – your only means of escape.”

Among the differences, the game does not have visual indications to guide the player. In other words, you need to find the location just by following the map and compass, for example.

Temporary improvements can be achieved at navigation points to deceive the giant snake that chases you. In the best roguelite style, each game offers a new experience with random generation of starting locations, navigation points, upgrades and more.

Digested came out of a real nightmare

The game Digested is being produced by a single person, developer Karel. Because of the low budget, he has personally promoted the project on forums and groups of horror game lovers.

On the r/games subreddit he told a little about the behind-the-scenes of the idea. He reported learning to have lucid dreams (practically daydreaming), but things got out of control.

“One night I told myself to be cautious and not think about my biggest fears while having lucid dreams. And of course what happened was I saw a huge snake trying to eat me alive. I stopped having lucid dreams shortly after this because I realized that I can’t control my thoughts while I’m awake during a dream. Unfortunately, the nightmare never really stopped and every now and then I see the same recurring dream of a huge snake chasing me,” he said on Reddit.

DIGESTED – DigiGhost Studios – Survival Horror game where you are chased by a giant snake
byu/karel_a inGames

After the recurrence of experiences, Karel decided to gamify the situation. He joked that the “brilliant” idea was to turn his real nightmare into a game to try to make everything less horrifying.

On Reddit, Karel interacted with users and thanked them for their praise, especially regarding the hyper-realistic graphics. He also clarified some points about the project.

Among the questions, he responded that the protagonist wears a safety suit because of budget limitations. “It’s just me developing the game, I just didn’t have the budget and resources to create a realistic looking human character. A faceless protagonist in a costume was much easier to ‘fake’ in a realistic environment.”

The name Digested means “digested” in Portuguese (Image: Reproduction/Steam)

He also detailed that the costume does not really protect the player from the snake (this issue will be explained in the story) and that one of the inspirations was the game Choo Choo Charles.

He also joked that he discovered in recent days that his game could have a different meaning, as certain people have a fetish for “being swallowed”. “What can I say. One man’s horror is another man’s fetish,” he scoffed.

When will Digested be released?

Digested is scheduled to be released in the first quarter of 2024, according to Karel. On Reddit, he pointed out that the game is in the final stages of development and that adjustments are being made to the sound design, gameplay and visuals.

Initially, the game will only be released for PC. However, the developer said that there is the possibility of making a port for consoles if the project does well financially. “The version of The PC version already supports the Xbox controllerso it should adapt very well to consoles”, he added.

He did not deny the possibility of a possible launch for Virtual Reality (VR), but highlighted that two reasons have prevented this idea.

Testing how the project would look in VR, Karel said he “almost had a heart attack” when he was attacked by the snake. Furthermore, the game’s performance was not satisfactory in virtual reality.

“Currently in VR it runs around 40 FPS in my [RTX] 3090. I can reach 90 FPS if I sacrifice a lot of visual fidelity and environmental details. But if these issues are sacrificed, the game loses its edges and it becomes difficult to see what is in front of you”, he pointed out.

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