Even in the face of nerfs, the LeBlanc AD continues to attract attention. With appearances in Demacia Cupbeing the blue side’s first choice, high victory percentage in the link Challenging and even appearing in some mix’s for the next season.

O More Esports explains the phenomenon of LeBlanc ADthe advantages and also points of attention.

What is LeBlanc AD’s build?

Based on the Rookiemid laner of the Chinese team NIPthe main part of the build is: Statikk Knife – Switchblade Rain – Trinity Force. This was the item path he made in two of the three Demacia Cup semi-final games.

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You can complement the build depending on your playing style:

  • Are you playing more isolated on the side routes? Choose Hullbreakers;
  • If you have an enemy with a lot of health, do King’s Sword;
  • If you need to deal a lot of magic damage, Jaw of Malmortius e Limit of reason they can be good options;

Why does the AD build work on LeBlanc?

LeBlanc has some peculiarities in its composition. She is a high range champion, but mainly from Attack Speed high basic (0.65), higher than that of Shooters such as Aphelios, Ezreal e Kai’Sa.

This allows LeBlanc to take advantage of items that only work with a Basic Attack (such as the three mentioned among the main ones). Another advantage is that the W allows you to gain Accumulations from the Rune and items that require movement.

So you attack faster, move more and accumulate your items faster. Apart from the E you are able to punish even more opponents who are melee

Watch the video of none other than Faker playing with the champion:

Leblanc AD was popular in 2023 due to Statikk

It is worth remembering that in 2023 Leblanc AD became popular, mainly due to Statikk, which at the time was very broken.

At the time, even players who were going to play Worlds 2023 (LoL world championship) were testing the champion, whose build was nerfed a little later. Remember by watching the video of Tinowns testing the build:

Unpopular in the lower ranks

The Leblanc AD is widely used by professionals, in championships and has good numbers in the Master +/Challenger queues. Besides, it has even been an option in top-lane.

Professionals Using LeBlanc on Top

However, in the lower links, the option does not appear to be successful. Check out the most common choices of Filas Esmeralda +

In this photo you can see Esmeralda +'s choices for LEBLANC

The biggest problem with this build is the early game: this period is played very patiently and not as murderous as the champion’s skill kit suggests. For this reason there are still Leblanc AP enthusiasts.

Leblanc AP remains strong

Despite the phenomenon, the one that draws attention even in the Ranked Queues is LeBlanc AP. The second best LeBlanc in world is from the Brazilian server, the player with the nickname Well, continues to invest in the AP build and presents good results.

In the photo you can see the history of Naba, the second best Leblanc in the world and which is BR

Out of curiosity, LeBlanc AP is still the one that wins the most in Mestre +, despite the success of its AD version.

Leblanc AP or AD?

Due to the insane game speed in Ranked Queues, opting for the champion’s more murderous side will be better most of the time.

However, in games where you know the match could go on and/or you know that side routes will be a key to victory, opt for LeBlanc AD, at least to test something new.

Image of the Leblanc Congregation of Witches skin
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/lol-leblanc-ad-fica-popular-novamente-em-2024-veja-a-build

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