The data platform Esports Chart recently released the list of the most watched streamers throughout the year, and the only Brazilian in the top 10, Gauls, reached second place.

Push more, Brazilian!

As stated in the list, Gaules had frightening 8,577 hours livestream. With this, the streamer reached more than 108 million of users in your audience. With expressive numbers, it was by “a few million” that Gaules did not top the list.

In the year 2023, the CS streamer achieved the top 1 most watched in the world in several monthly metrics.

Kai Cenat is the leader of the list

The streamer who left Gaules in second place as the most watched streamer is called Kai Cenat. This had a 68% increase in its audience, when compared to 2022.

The North American streamer had more than 113 million people as its audience, around four million ahead of Gaules.

Photo: Reproduction/Marcelo Maragni
Sergio Fiorini
published in January 8, 2024


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