Riot recently announced a change to League’s nick system. Now the Riots is the unique identifier of each player, which allows them to have “the same” names within the game. Therefore, more than 8700 players are using Faker’s nickname on the South Korean server.

Faker’s Nick becomes a rage on the Korean server

Faker is the best and most famous LoL player in history and recently won his fourth world championship. His nickname “Hide on Bush” is known around the world, and after this change by Riot, it became even more popular, as fans can use it within the game.

On the Korean server alone, 8500 people were found with “Hide on Bush”. How do you know which one is the Faker? Well, the first way is by looking at the player’s RiotID tag, but most likely the highest ranked Hide on Bush in soloQ will be the T1 mid laner.

OPGG already lists more than 8,700 results for the search for “Hide on Bush” on the Korean server (Image: Reproduction/OPGG)

Currently the player has 830 points in Grandmaster, but there are two other “Hide on Bush” also in Grandmaster, 19 players in Master and thousands in lower links.

It is worth remembering that Riot went back on the nick changing system and instead of charging for it, players can now change their nicks for free every 90 days.

Faker Worlds 2023
(Photo: Disclosure/Riot)
Bruno Rodrigues
published in December 7, 2023edited 3 days ago


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