Also this Thursday (30), the developer of Baldur’s Gate 3, Larian Studios, announced and released the fifth major update for the game. The update brings improvements to optimization e more content, but it weighs 30 GB and you may need to uninstall and install the game again.

The update has already arrived for Windows PCs and the PlayStation 5, bringing things like a epilogue to the end of the game. Final shows your party at the camp 6 months after the events of the main story.

Two new modes have also been added to the game. O Honour Mode it limits you to just one save file and also brings some additional challenges in the campaign. Already the Custom Modeas the name suggests, allows change campaign settings to match your playing style preference.

It is now possible to use and dye Orin’s armorSource: Running Studios

According to the update notes, this patch also brings many optimization improvementsespecially for the third act. The developers promise better RAM and VRAM usage when this is a limit on the system and the PS5 now has dynamic resolution scaling.

There are so many changes that they don’t even fit into this news. To find out more, check out the thread made by Larian on X with some highlights here, or check out the full patch notes here. Be careful! Patch notes may contain story spoilers.

The epilogue features a celebration made by Withers for his camp party.The epilogue features a celebration made by Withers for his camp party.Source: Running Studios

You may need to uninstall the game for patch 5

Shortly before the release of the update, Larian Studios posted a notice stating that the update is around 30 GB, which is already quite a lot. However, they also highlighted that, In the process of updating the files, you will need about 130 GB free on the disk.

In other words, this update is so big that if you don’t have much free space on the disk where Baldur’s Gate 3 is installed, the developers recommend that you uninstall the game completely for then download it in the most updated version. This tip seems to be aimed at all versions of the game.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is available on Windows, Mac (patch 5 hasn’t arrived on Mac yet), and PlayStation 5. An Xbox Series exact release date.


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