LOUD became three-time CBLOL champion and the support Ceos won his fourth title in the competition. Today, he is in Korea and will represent Brazil at Worlds 2023. At the bootcamp, support has already reached the Master.

No 2 in 1 Podcast, DudsCeos’ former teammate in the bot lane, spoke a little about his feelings about his friend’s achievements without him and even revealed that the support was thinking about retiring.

Duds’ feeling of seeing Ceos become champion so many times

Man, this is a double-edged sword, I’m happy, because regardless of Ceos, I really like Denilson, the person. He is my brother. Him, Krastyel, Nyu, Zuao, the kids I used to live with at TShow. We had a lot of trouble together, so… Bro, Ceos didn’t want to play anymore. There was a time when he said he wanted to retire, stop playing on TShow there.

And, man, seeing the guy, who went through so much trouble with me, man, a lot of trouble, being so victorious is really cool. I’m very happy. But, on the other hand, I’m like, fuck###… I’m not jealous, but bro, the guy who was with me shot and I didn’t. What I need to do? There was that, especially when I played for Kabum. Not nowadays, because there is no way to win a title the way I am.

After reflection, did you have any conclusions?

Man, I think, first of all, he’s better. This is a fact. Second, I think, bro, to be a champion, it’s not just about being on the best team. It’s time. These are situations, we were champions the first time and what changed our perspective, no one said we would be champions, we were in last place.

I’ve seen teams, like RED, win twice when no one thought they would win and the third time, when everyone was hyping them, they didn’t win. It’s not a cake recipe, it’s a combination and the deal fits together. It happened for him, but it didn’t happen for me. It’s obvious that he has merit, he’s better, but that’s it, for me I can’t watch other people’s success and say oh, why doesn’t it happen to me.

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