The community of LoL has mastery 20 in creativity, and among several random questions, a Reddit user made the community stop and debate a question: what if LoL had fire friend? That is – if your skills could also give dano em ally.

Who would be the most lethal champion if they had friendly fire?

The premise of the debate is the following: which champion could be more lethal to allies in a way NOT on purpose – of course if you could, you would throw an entire Katarina combo at that guy who won’t stop trolling.

The community debated, check out the answers:

Whoever carries Orianna’s ball now becomes a walking sacrifice…

Brilliant comment, after all, you would literally take damage from Orianna’s W and R if you had her ball. Bizarre!

Brand. I need to stack my harvest (rune) somehow…

(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

It would be bizarre, but also a great sacrifice to ricochet R in the middle of a team-fight!

By accident I don’t know which would be the most lethal, but with the intention of killing allies, I’m sure it would be Draven.

And a Draven player also adds in the comment below:

Support steals my kill, I kill my Support, that’s great for me

Another user adds:

Or you already kill before they steal your kill

LoL Draven Narrador League of Legends
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Yes, it is indeed problematic, but going back to the most lethal ones without the intention of being lethal:

Amumu, he has to be completely alone, literally no one can be near him

A great reference to the character’s history, who really has the curse of killing everything that comes close to him.

While some are saddened by some curses, others are proud:

I can finally 1v9 Viego

And speaking of making sense of the story, how about this comparison:

Briar would be 100% true to her story.

Want another example of fit with history? Connect:

Singed was going to deal Damage per Second to his team as well as his opponents. The best part is that it makes perfect sense with the character’s story.

In the photo, Singed na Skin: Singed Resistência
Photo: Riot Games

What about global skills?

Aurelion’s buffed sun ult would kill everyone!

And another good example:

Oh no, I would be screwed to do my Ashe ults that cross the entire map and I would be pinged the entire game!

There were so many comments that made me think: a mode like that would be cool, have you thought about Riot taking the idea forward?

See more:

In the photo is Blitzcrank's emote, but have you ever thought of the champion in a mode where he can use friendly fire?  How bizarre!
Photo: Reproduction/Riot Games


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