For years now, the community has been asking Riot for a way to change the language of League of Legends, and until then a “Gambiarra” is needed for that. However, the company reported that in November the function of changing the LoL language natively will officially arrive.

How language selection works in League currently

Until then, LoL players change the game’s language by making changes to the League of Legends root file, and this doesn’t always work.

Currently, it is only possible to choose the client language for Riot games. When trying to change in LoL, only the language for your account’s server is available. With the update, it will be possible to choose between the 21 available languages.

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When will the new LoL feature arrive?

There is still no date for the language selection to officially arrive in League of Legends, but it is expected to arrive in patch 13.22 or patch 13.23, those who arrive in the days November 8th and 21strespectively.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in October 17, 2023edited 3 days ago


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