In recent weeks, the streamer Ayel arrived in South Korea for a bootcamp in search of improving his skills and reaching the Challenger on the server that is considered the most competitive in the world.

In one of his games, the player fell with Fakercurrent champion of Worlds 2023 and also the greatest in LoL history and had to report it due to the player disconnecting from the match.

Faker was banned from League after internet problems

During the Worlds 2023 playoff phase, which was hosted in Busan, many players complained about how bad the internet was for them to be able to practice. It was at this time that Ayel fell in the same match as Faker and the player disconnected and never returned.

This Tuesday (28), in one of his streams, Faker revealed that he ended up being suspended from LoL after having problems with the internet in the city and disconnecting from some matches. However, he said he quickly managed to reverse Riot Games’ action.

Ayel reported Faker

In the match in question, Ayel was Swain and played on the bot, while the South Korean was in his original position with the champion Syndra. At a certain point, Faker is eliminated in a mid fight and leaves the game.

As the minutes went by, the legendary player did not return to the match, which led Ayel’s team to accept the surrender vote. After the game ended, the Brazilian chose to report Faker after the match for inactivity.

Luis Santana
published in November 28, 2023edited a day ago


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