Bugs are a serious problem for players. CS2. The newest discovered is one involving C4. In this error, if the player leaves the match, the bomb will disappear, leaving the TRs at a huge disadvantage in the round.

The one in C4 in CS2 could end the round for TRs. With the bug, if the C4 holder disconnects from the lobby, he will take the bomb and the TR team will only be able to win the round if they eliminate the entire opposing team. A huge disadvantage.

Bomb vanishes after getting thrown to disconnected player
byu/Dan__James inGlobalOffensive

The problem starts when the player goes AFK, and the bomb is still on their back. When the player is finally disconnected, the bomb will disappear, leaving a flashing light where the abandoned player was.

Counter-Strike has a mechanism to drop the bomb when a TR member goes AFK, precisely to avoid this type of problem. However, it seems that this bug started before the start of the round, when the disconnection occurred.

Bugs are on the minds of the entire CS2 community. Several bugs are reported every week, and Valve is aware. The company has made efforts to improve the game with periodic updates and as bugs are discovered.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in November 28, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cs2-esse-bug-da-c4-pode-acabar-com-o-round

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