After less than a year, the former player brTTconsidered one of the biggest names in League of Legends in Brazil, left his position as LoL ambassador for Flow.

The announcement was made on social media this Thursday (18):

What caught attention in his farewell was the end of the message: “Now it’s time to focus on evolving as much as possible in lolzin and in my lives, let’s go for what this year promises”.

Despite being out of competition for over a year, brTT never closed its doors and always treated this time as a “break” and not as retirement.

During the MD3 Podast, in October 2023, brTT said that he still wanted to return to playing, but that “it wasn’t that simple”. Shortly afterwards, during the CBLOL 2023 Awards, the ADC brought up the subject again and said that there was a “good chance” of him returning to play.

For now, the former player must continue streaming LoL. It is worth remembering that, during this time off, he announced several personal projects, including his first professional boxing fight, which he drew with Nog.

brTT no League of Legends

After a successful LoL career and six Brazilian titles, brTT announced a break from playing in November 2021. He remained an influencer for paiN and, in 2023, left the organization to become Fluxo’s LoL ambassador.

Bruno Rodrigues
published in January 18, 2024


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