Bronze, Prata, Diamond… Firstly, the LoL linkmore specifically the system of LoL links It is very well known among all players, being the main objective of those who play League of Legends.

However, for a beginner, understanding how lol ranked works It can be a difficult task, but don’t worry, we’ll explain everything to you! Understand each link in LoL, how it works to get them, which links can play together and more!

What are the LoL links in 2024?

Currently, we have several ranks in League of Legends, ranging from Iron, the lowest, to Challenger, a higher level that also has a limited number of players who can reach it.

Below, you can check out all the LoL links:

  • Ferro (Ferro IV, Ferro III, Ferro II, Ferro I)
  • Bronze (Bronze IV, Bronze III, Bronze II, Bronze I)
  • Talk (Prata IV, Prata III, Prata II, Prata I)
  • Gold (Gold IV, Gold III, Gold II, Gold I)
  • Platinum (Platinum IV, Platinum III, Platinum II, Platinum I)
  • Esmeralda (Esmeralda IV, Esmeralda III, Esmeralda II, Esmeralda I)
  • Diamante (Diamante IV, Diamante III, Diamante II, Diamante I)
  • Teacher
  • Grand Master
  • Challenging

Which links can play together?

The restriction on the links that can play together is two ranks in the lowest links. As the link increases, the restriction becomes more rigid, and in High Elos, it is not possible to go duo.

See the links that can play together in LoL:

  • O Iron link you can play with Iron, Bronze and Silver players;
  • O elo Bronze you can play with Iron, Bronze and Silver players;
  • O elo Prata you can play with Iron, Bronze, Silver and Gold players;
  • O Gold link you can play with Silver, Gold and Platinum players;
  • O Platinum elo you can play with Gold, Platinum and Emerald players;
  • O Emerald link you can play with Platinum, Emerald and Diamond players (maximum 2 divisions above);
  • Or elo Diamante you can play with Emerald and Diamond players (maximum 2 divisions apart);
  • Os Links Master, Grand Master e Challenging cannot play duo;

What is the new link in LoL?

Did you know? In 2023, Riot decided to create a new rank in LoL, Emerald, which is between Platinum and Diamond.

What is the order of the LoL links in 2024?

The order of LoL links in 2024 is: Ferro > Bronze > Talk > Gold > Platinum > Esmeralda > Diamante > Teacher > Grand Master > Challenging.

What is the lowest link in LoL?

The lowest link in LoL is Iron. It is not possible to be inferior to him, even if he loses every match.

Which links are High Elo?

There are people who consider LoL’s Diamond, Master, Grandmaster and Challenger High Elos, while others claim that only from Master upwards is High Elo in LoL.

  • In LoL the term “High Elo” refers to the highest elos in the game. See other LoL slang terms.

What is the high Elo?

O high Elo is the Challengerthe highest link in the game.

How many players are there in LoL links in 2024?

Riot Games does not inform how many players there are in each LoL link, but according to the League of Graphs website, the 2024* division is as follows:

  • Ferro: 6,9%
  • Bronze: 18%
  • Talk: 18%
  • Gold: 20%
  • Platinum: 19%
  • Esmeralda: 12%
  • Diamante: 4,1%
  • Teacher: 0,49%
  • Grand Master:0.060%
  • Challenging: 0.024%

*Updated in February 2024.

How to see the LoL rank?

This is simple. With the game open, click on “Profile” in the top corner of the screen. This way, your main link will appear on the screen, but you can hover over it to see the link in other LoL modes.

Image to illustrate how to see the rank in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

How to see who is top 1 in LoL?

To find out who is the top 1 in LoL, click on your profile and select the “Ranked” option. There, in the top left corner, select “Top Solo/Duo players”. This way, you will be redirected to the page with all Challenger players in the LoL rank.

Image to teach you how to see who is top 1 in LoL
(Image: Disclosure/LoL)

Understanding how League of Legends links work

The LoL link can be earned in two different queues within the game. When you play solo or duo, you will have a ranking in LoL. On the other hand, if you opt for a “flex” queue, with a team already formed, you will have a completely different one.

Each win or loss in the League of Legends ranked system will result in PDLthe famous League Points. With 100 league points in LoL, you can move up in rank.

Climbing the ranks of LoL

From then on, losses and wins count towards moving up or down in your current lol ranking. For example, to advance from divisions of the same link, such as Bronze IV to Bronze III, you only need to reach 100 points. Any additional points will go as a “bonus” for the next division.

Suppose you had 90 points in Bronze IV and gained 20 points with a win. Thus, you would move up to Bronze III with 10 points to spare.

LoL ranked qualifying matches

It is important to note that when you start ranked in LoL, you will face a series of qualifications to define your level and rank. At this stage, you need to play five games, and depending on your performance, you will receive a link in LoL.

SoloQ Ranking

Changes! Series of promotions between LoL ranks have been removed

In the past, to advance in rank or maintain it, you needed to reach 100 PDL in some LoL link and face a promotion series, MD3 or MD5. However, in 2023 Riot changed this process. Now, promotion series are no longer necessary to move up a level.

Attention! It is possible to drop a link in LoL due to inactivity

See for Platinum or higher, it is crucial to be aware of the decay. At this level, players can lose LP by not playing for many days. For example, in Diamante, the system allows you to store 28 days of “safety”, but after this period the loss of 50 LP per day begins.

Nos ranks Master, Grand Master e Challenging, The criteria are tight: only 10 days are guaranteed, with each match adding a day of safety. Exceeding this limit, the loss is 250 LP per day.

What is MMR in League ranks?

The often mentioned MMR in League stands for “Matchmaking Rating”. This number indicates your current link and also helps balance matches. Although Riot does not disclose this value, it is known about its existence and its relevance for ranked.

Additionally, MMR also defines how many points you gain or lose. With a high MMR, you will earn more points, but you will face higher ranked opponents.

Receive rewards for leveling up in LoL

The main reward for leveling up in LoL is the victorious skin. It is given via Step Points. For those who are in the link Gold or higher, you only need 80 Stage Points, while whoever is in Iron, Bronze, or Talk, need 1600 stage points.

Are given 10 Stage Points for victory in ranked matches, and 6 Stage Points for defeat. In addition to the victorious skin, Riot also gives skin chromas, icon borders and other cosmetics according to your final link.

Image of the Victorious Tryndamere skin in LoL
Tryndamere Vitorioso, the skin for the 2nd season 2023 of ranked (Image: Disclosure/LoL)

It’s worth remembering: these rewards are exclusive to those who played and achieved the specified link. The skin, for example, will never be available for purchase in the store, nor in future promotions.

When will the link be reset in LoL in 2024?

The first LoL ranked split in 2024 ends in May, with no date yet revealed by Riot.

And then, you already understood everything lol elo?

If you are interested in climbing the League of Legends rankings, we have prepared a special article with the best tips for climbing the game! And so you don’t get lost among the terms used by players, check out our LoL slang dictionary.


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