One of the most popular champions in CBLOL 2024 1st split and the Azure, being the competition’s pick leader, however, the champion is negative in wins and losses. At LCK 2024 This week a build of the Azir Tank appeared, but it didn’t contribute so well in Brazil.

Why didn’t Azir Tank work in Brazil?

Envy (LOS), Dynquedo (paiN), Phew (Flow), Hauz (KaBuM) and Pilot (Liberty) were the players who used Azir this week. Of these, four times the option was to go with Azir Tank and they only had two victories and only one with the positive frag, let’s understand each case.

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Hauz against VKS – Could build full AP

Well, here the tank option wasn’t one of the best, first of all look at the compositions:

Showmaker’s Azir Tank has two main conditions: being a peel guarantee for an ADC that scales and a magic damage guarantee for a mostly physical team.

As you can see, a team that has Zac and Xin Zhao does not need an Azir Tank – after all, they are already “front line”. They can do all the tanking items that Azir does, and let Emperor of Shurima be a carry.

In this context, Azir will take longer than usual to deal damage and Smolder will be held hostage by this, because he takes a lot of time to climb. See the composition of Azir Tank from Showmaker:

The Top and Jungle are AD and are striking, they can benefit from an Azir with more health and DPS. Different from a composition with no damage at all in Top and Jungle for the mid-game.

In the photo, Hauz from KaBuM
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Envy against Fluxo and RED – Could build full AP

It may seem silly, but it’s important to understand: winning doesn’t mean the build is good or successful, and this is the case of Envy against Fluxo. Check out the compositions:

Yes, it’s the same case as Hauz. Here, I’m still going to justify that K’Sante ends up becoming a fighter when ulked, but AP could have been made to match the damage – no wonder the top damage in the game was Fuuu.

The situation gets even worse in the game against RED, check out the compositions:

Once again: two front-lines and the worst thing here was the Victory Condition. Azir’s mission was to generate kills, not to be DPS – after all – in DPS Zeri would always be better. Here Envy it needs give maximum damage to Viego to reset and only then will they win the fights.

What happens is that Azir constantly leaves champions with low health, but that’s after Viego dies and then it just doesn’t make sense.

Na photo, LOS Envy
Image: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

Dynquedo applies Azir Tank in the best context against FURIA

First of all, let’s check out the compositions:

Although I disagree with trying this option with Kalista, the Azir tank here is a great option to enable three very strong AD options: Yone, Lee Sin and the ADC himself.

Kuri, intelligently, does not do Frozen Heart and the composition is balanced and perfect to deal with FURIA’s balance of Magic Damage and Physical Damage.

And in the end, it wasn’t that flashy, so we can guarantee that: there are so many conditions for the choice to be successful that, perhaps, it’s better not to invent so much!

Image of Dynquedo at paiN Gaming
Photo: Reproduction/CBLOL Flickr

It was Azir safe, it was Azir MVP

Did you notice that we didn’t talk about Fuuu and Pilot? Well, they went with Azir’s traditional build, and interestingly enough, they were MVPs of their respective games!

There is still a big debate about whether the build is a fraud or not, particularly, I believe it’s all about understanding Azir’s role in the composition and – most of the time – he won’t be a tank.

In the photo, Azir, who was chosen by DK Showmaker and made a tank!
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games


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