This Sunday’s Xbox Showcase (09) brought a series of great news for video game enthusiasts. Are you a fan of good narratives? So know that Life is Strange Double Exposure was revealed by surprise at the Microsoft event and already has a date to arrive on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC: October 29, 2024. The sequel will also be released for Nintendo Switch at a later date.

One of the biggest news in the trailer Life is Strange Double Exposure is the return of Max Caulfield, the protagonist of the first game — and the favorite character of many fans of the franchise. In addition to her return, it was possible to see that she is mastering her time travel powers well. Check out:

What is the story of the game?

Life is Strange Double Exposure brings a new plot for Max, who finds himself once again in a moral impasse to save a new friend from death. Another possible subtle confirmation of the trailer is about the true ending of the first game — since we didn’t see Chloe Price at any point in the video.

In addition to his time-rewind abilities, Max appears to be mastering what appears to be an alternate version of his own reality — apparently, something like a kind of multiverse.

Life is Strange Double Exposure will bring Max and a new friendFonte:  Xbox

“When Max Caulfield finds her friend Safi dead in the snow, she opens a portal to an alternate timeline. Here, Safi is still alive (and in danger)! Can Max use her new powers to switch between timelines to unravel the mystery and prevent the murder?”, says the game’s official description.

Life is Strange 3 price and release date

Life is Strange Double Exposure will be released on October 29th for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Square Enix will host a live stream focused on the game on July 13, when more details about the title will be revealed.

Furthermore, Square Enix confirmed that the game will feature a story divided into chapters, something that has already happened in previous games in the franchise. Anyone who purchases the Ultimate version of Life is Strange Double Exposure will be able to play the initial two parts in advance, according to the company.

The good part is that the game will also not exceed the R$350 price mark. Life is Strange Double Exposure is currently on pre-sale on PC at an interesting price, starting at R$219.90. Check prices:

  • Basic version: R$ 219.90
  • Deluxe Version: R$ 264.90
  • Ultimate version: R$ 354.50

While the Ultimate version brings two weeks early access to the first two chapters of the game, the Deluxe version has two alternative clothing packs for Max. With this, the player can customize the character’s look during gameplay.

Life is StrangeLife is Strange Double Exposure is now on pre-order in different versions.

The Ultimate version will also include a clothing pack inspired by Final Fantasy VII. The extra content also includes prints and items inspired by cats, which should be revealed in detail on July 13th, when the game’s full reveal takes place.

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