Launched in 2019 as one of Microsoft’s greatest titles of the last generation, it’s been five years since Gears of War 5 arrived on Xbox One and PC — since then, the franchise has been less and less talked about. Now, fortunately, fans’ prayers have been heard: Gears of War E-Day was officially announced at this Sunday’s Xbox Showcase (09).

The confirmation from the North American giant comes after numerous rumors took over the networks in recent days. Liam McIntyre, actor responsible for giving life to the character JD Fenix, protagonist of the fourth game and fundamental supporting role in the fifth, had suggested on his social networks that the new Gears of War could be announced this summer — and that’s what ended up happening this Sunday.

Trailer de Gears of War E-Day

The cinematic trailer for Gears of War E-Day shows what appears to be the early days of the war — so it could probably be a prequel. Check out the trailer for the game, which does not yet have a defined release date.

The first video of the game shows the return of Marcus Fenix ​​and Dom, who face the first Locust. Featuring a new version of the classic song Mad World, the video shows that we can expect visceral and exciting moments in the new game in the Gears of War franchise.

What is the story of Gears of War E-Day?

Despite returning to the past, Gears of War: E-Day represents the future of the series, according to Microsoft. The game will follow the beginning of the Locust invasion, showing that humanity was not prepared to face this new enemy.

According to the Coalition, players can expect many origin stories in the new game in the franchise. From iconic weapons like the Chainsaw Lancer to the beginning of the protagonists’ story, the game promises to be a full meal for longtime fans.

Furthermore, Gears of War E-Day promises to improve the setting. According to the Coalition, the company is working to show the Locust threat in a frightening way, with the simple Drone soldier being a major threat.

Fans can also expect a deeper dive into the Gears of War universe from the perspective of two young soldiers. According to the Coalition, the objective is to show Dom and Fenix’s relationship during the growing Locust threat.

“To give some context to the scenario leading up to the E-Day story, Marcus and Dom are connected because of Carlos, Dom’s older brother, who died on the battlefield with Marcus,” explains the Coalition. “The two were best friends, so Marcus and Dom are in the early stages of forming a kinship over a shared loss and navigating those emotions together.”

Gameplay de Gears of War E-Day

When it comes to gameplay, old fans can celebrate. Gears of War E-Day promises to deliver destructive and refined scenarios produced in Unreal Engine 5. Furthermore, the story will be told in a linear manner, leaving aside the open world adopted in the most recent titles in the saga.

The Coalition team also intends to bring the classic Gears of War “vibe” to the new game. Both the story and the gameplay promise to bring the brutality and melancholy that are traditional to the franchise.

So far, however, the company has not provided details on when the full gameplay of Gears E-Day will be revealed. Now we just have to wait for more news about the game, which has been confirmed on Xbox Game Pass.

High expectations for Gears of War E-Day

Despite the beautiful reveal trailer for Gears of War E-Daywe don’t know much about other aspects of the adventure, such as gameplay, in-game graphics and other important details.

Well, if the speculations of Nate The Hate, a famous insider with good credibility, are correct, the sequence could be the greatest definition of “this is what the new generation is”.

“Very few games have delivered that ‘next-gen’ moment this generation, as we’ve had an exceptionally long period of cross-gen,” he said on ResetEra. “As well as the Gears 1 had its moment on the Xbox 360, the Gears 6 should also be available on Xbox Series.”

Gears of War E-Day was announced at this Sunday's Xbox Showcase (09).Gears of War E-Day was announced at this Sunday’s Xbox Showcase (09).Fonte:  Xbox

Adding even more fuel to the fire, shinobi602, another insider, posted several screenshots of Hellblade 2 on X (formerly Twitter) recently to praise the game’s quality, then suggesting that people aren’t ready to see the quality of Gears of War E-Day.

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