The new season of LEC 2024 1° split started this last Saturday (13/01) and, in its first week, the league saw spikes in audience numbers for the games. The highlight of the competition was the “THIRD” in between Karmine Corp e Mad Lions Koion and off Summoner’s Rift.

Peak audience at LEC 2024

LEC 2024 had a record audience peak for the regular phase of the competition, reaching 714 thousand simultaneous viewersaccording to figures from the Esports Chart. For comparison purposes, the audience of final of the first split of LEC 2023 had a peak of 555 thousand simultaneous viewers.

The match that was highlighted, and that monopolized the peak of the audience was Mad Lions Koi contra Karmine Corpcheck out the best numbers from the week of the competition:

Understanding the bullshit

The clash between Mad Lions Koi e Karmine Corp It started well before the game started. The fight started with a comment from the streamer and former LEC commentator, Caedrel, about the fans.

The energy and enthusiasm surrounding the LEC right now is the best I’ve ever seen. K-Corp and Mad fans brought so much noise and passion that every other team had to take it to another level

And because he said that the fans of Mad Lions Koi had offered this energy “only now”, the coach of ToughYamattoCannon, quipped saying:

I thought Koi was already here last year.

The comment heated up the networks, and received feedback from Ibai: Streamer and founder of Koi. Check out the comment:

Yes, we were in the LEC. Our co-stream usually had over 100k viewers on average. I imagine you realized at some point that we’ve always been in the top 1 on Twitch. Or were you too busy trying to trick another team into signing you?

The second week of LEC 2024 returns on January 20th with three more rounds of games. A KOI and Team Vitality were the only teams that had not won so far.

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