This last Monday (15/01), in the qualifiers for the CBLOL Academy 2024 in search of the new two places in the competition, the W7m and the Team Generation Structure they beat their opponents in the semifinals and will compete today (01/16), at 18 hoursthe grand final of the competition.

Competition semi-finals

W7m faced Tropa do XV in the semi-final, and after a 2-1, with matches averaging 30 minutes, the W7m team won. Kuma celebrated the result and his team’s performance. The coach also stated that he never lost in the finals.

The cast is made up of of (Top), Enel (Jungle), Link (Mid), Bbenj (ADC), Waffle (Support) and Same to you como Head-Coach.

Speaking of not losing, the other undefeated series, Team GE, reached the grand final and defeated none other than the Ilha das Lendas team along the way. And despite the hype in the confrontation, the Geração Estrutura team easily won the series 2-0.

The team has Boal (Top), Ditch (Jungle), Blacky (Mid), St3pz (ADC), Bounty (Support) and Boss (Head-Coach).

When does the CBLOL Academy 2024 1st split start?

O CBLOL Academy 2024 1st split starts on February 5tha few days after the main championship, CBLOL 2024, which starts on January 20th.

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Sergio Fiorini
published in January 16, 2024


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