One of the greatest players in the history of global LoL, Doublelift announced once again that he is retiring from the competitive game. He had already done something similar recently, but this time he emphasizes that it will be permanent.

The statement came from the player himself on his social networks, in a 15-minute video, in which he comments on his entire career, reasons for retirement and plans for the future.

The reasons for retirement

While explaining the reasons for not continuing to play professionally, Doublelift made it clear that one of them is that the LCS, the North American LoL league, no longer has the prospect of changing to improve and try better international performances.

Furthermore, he says that, for next year, the teams did not invest in putting together a squad so that the objective is different from the last ones. Finally, he comments that, financially, it is better to be a content creator.

In the video, he also talks about his dream of being a Worlds champion, but with the current LCS rosters, it wouldn’t be possible. This is because most organizations are cutting costs and will not be able to invest in having a group so that it could reach its final objective.

Doublelift’s career

Doublelift is one of the biggest names not only in North America, but also on the worldwide League of Legends scene. The ad carry has been playing since 2011 and was one of the longest-serving players in LoL history until he decided to pause his career in 2020.

He returned to compete in the 100T in 2023, but failed to achieve good results in both stages. The best place the organization reached was fifth place.

In total, there are 8 LCS titles throughout his 9-year career, one of the biggest winners in the league’s history and, certainly, an iconic figure in the Hall of Fame in LoL’s world history.

Doublelift holding two LCS cups. (Photo: Disclosure/Riot Games)
Luis Santana
published in December 2, 2023


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