This Wednesday began LCK 2024one of the most disputed LoL championships in the world, and in the second match of the day, Gen.G e T1 they faced each other. The duel of the last champions LCK and the last worldrespectively, ended in 2×1 for the Gen.G.

Summary of Gen.G vs T1 at LCK 2024 1° split

First game – T1 plays absurdly

In the first game, the T1 managed to win in a dominant way, the Gen.G It only took one tower in the game, for example. In a difference of 4 thousand gold, even with slaughters behind, the T1 won and just executed perfectly punctual fights. Check out some:

Engage do Faker de Neeko!!

The vein continues to be differentiated, there is no way

— Ilha das Lendas ️ (@ilhadaslendas) January 17, 2024

Due to his strength in team-fighting, Faker was named MVP by LCK. However, on Hupu – a Chinese community portal – Faker’s rating was equivalent to Oner’s rating, which was also crucial in the fights.

“Whoever possessed his (Oner) body now, please do not leave it.”

Second game – Complex game, but Gen.G wins!

A T1 With the choice aside, he made a point of pulling Faker’s Azir in the first choice of champion, but Chovy and his Tristana made a point of ruining his plans. The player played an excellent game and came away with 8 kills, 2 deaths and 7 assists. Check out some of the mid-laner’s plays:

Apart from the Gen.G already made it clear in his style that he would prioritize dragons, so much so that T1 got all 6 Vastilarvas of the match. The difference in gold was not extensive, nor in kills (12/9 for Gen.G) and the advantage of rooks was just one for the T1.

However, the struggles were Gen.G. Check out the final fight:

Third game – Gen.G crushes!

Following the line of AD champions in the mid, Chovy brought his Yone, and once again against Faker’s Azir and the result? Similar: 7 kills, 2 deaths and 9 assists.

Anti-T1 Armor

One factor that caught attention in this game was the draft of the T1: Kennen, Bel’Veth, Azir, Jhin and Bardo. The simplest logic would say that Bel’Veth came as an option to enable Top and Mid-laners AP’s, however, Zeus surprised everyone with a Kennen AD.

The community didn’t like it so much, and its rating in China, for example, was lower. Check out:

“The first step to becoming a super Top”. TheShy was known for playing top Kennen AD and having multiple kills in multiple games.

The match ended after 42 minutes with 24 kills for Gen.G against 10 of T1 and an advantage of 6 thousand gold for the Gen.G.

Maintaining the parish

With today’s victory, the Gen.G is undefeated against T1 there are 6 series, the last defeat being at the 2023 MSI. The team of Chovy and Peyz is once again trying to defend their title, and it is worth remembering that T1 was unanimously considered champion in the players’ predictions.

A great first step for Gen.G, who arrived with a different line-up than the last split.

T1 x Gen.G will happen again in May

On May 9th, the T1 you can have your revenge against your tormentor in the region, Gen.G. Follow the complete coverage of LCK 2024 1° split with game calendar, results, table and other information here on More Esports.

(Image: Disclosure/Kenzi/Daily Esports)


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