Until approximately a month ago, fans around the world took advantage of a flaw in the Nintendo Switch eShop that allowed buy games at very low prices on the Nintendo console. The prices were often a small fraction of the price normally charged in the Brazilian store (and in other countries) on the Switch.

Achieving this feat was very, very easy: just change the region of your account Nintendo to Argentina. That’s it, simple as that. In the meantime, a really cool website that has been around for a long time has gained a lot of attention for list the price of games in different countries. We are talking, of course, about eShop-Prices.

What is eShop-Prices?

eShop-Prices is nothing more than a catalog which shows all games available on the Nintendo Switch store worldwide. The site lists the price of each game in each country where the title is available, allowing players to choose the best region to buy the game at a more affordable price.

eShop-Prices website has a catalog with all eShop games and their respective prices in other regions.

Due to numerous factors, many regions do not accept purchases from users in other countriesbut it is possible to buy games much cheaper in other countries, simply by consulting the website and changing the region of your Nintendo account.

Is eShop-Prices reliable?

The short answer is yes, the site is trustworthy. Now for the longer explanation of why the site’s reliability is high. To begin, the website simply functions as a showcasewhich aggregates all the prices of all games available on the Switch in digital format.

He shows how much each game costs in each market where it was made available, so it is even possible to find games there that never arrived in Brazil. There is also no need to download any type of download, such as plugins or extensions, to access the site.

Tutorial: how to use eShop-Prices

Below you can see the step-by-step guide showing how to use eShop-Prices to find discounts in different regions of the Nintendo Switch store:

1. Access eShop-Prices

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The first step is, of course, visiting the website. To do this, simply enter the URL eshop-prices.com and press enter.

2. Browse different categories

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As soon as you enter the website, you will notice several different columns. They give access to different lists, such as trending games, best discounts, popular games on sale and so on.

3. Search for specific games

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If you want to find a specific game, you can use the search field. Just type the title of the game you are interested in and press enter (or click on the magnifying glass icon).

4. Check prices in different eShops

a eShop-Prices/Voxel

When you find the game you plan to buy, you can check its price in all the eShops where it is available. In the image above, for example, the game is on sale in Brazil for R$ 40.17, but it is well mais barato na eShop do Chilewhere it costs just R$23.75.

5. Change your Nintendo Account region

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Now that you know which eShop the game is cheaper on, just access the website accounts.nintendo.com and change the region of your account. After saving, simply access the eShop on the Switch, re-enter your password and purchase the game. On the console you will see the game in local currency, but the final transaction will have a value in reais very close to that displayed in e-Shop-Prices.

6. Create your wish list

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Despite not allowing login to the platform, the eShop-Prices offers the option to create a wishlist which holds up to 20 games. This list is completely optional and is saved in your browser using cookies.

Why are games so cheap on the Argentine eShop?

What many people don’t know is that the party of low prices on the Argentine eShop has a reason not worth celebrating. The very low prices reflect the economic crisis that the country has been facingwith the purchasing power of our neighbors having been greatly reduced.

A devaluation of the local currencyl also contributes — a lot — to low prices on the local eShop. To give you an idea, at the time this text is being written, 1 Argentine peso is equivalent to 0.014 reais. That’s right, just over a cent of Real. The Argentine currency is so devalued that R$1 is now worth $72.19 Argentine pesos. So that Argentines can continue using the Switch store, the prices of most games have been readjusted to reflect the moment of crisis.

Games tend to have much lower prices on the Argentine eShop eShop-Prices/Reproduction
Games tend to have much lower prices on the Argentine eShop.

The direct conversion from Real to Argentine Peso is not necessarily used, but In general, most games tend to be much cheaper there. For example, games like Blasphemous, which here costs R$133.90, on the Argentine eShop it costs just R$29.03. Already Crisis Core — Final Fantasy VII Reunion on the Brazilian eShop, without discount, it costs R$ 249.50, while in Argentina it is possible to purchase the game on the eShop for just R$ 133.07.

Why can I no longer buy from the Argentina eShop?

The answer is simple: Nintendo probably noticed a huge flow of accounts changing the region and a huge volume of purchases in the eShop of our siblings to take advantage of the very low prices. Big N then released an update to the store that prevents purchases from the Argentine eShop with credit cards issued in other countries.

Nintendo blocked the use of credit cards issued outside the country in the Argentina eShop Voxel
Nintendo has blocked the use of credit cards issued outside the country in the Argentina eShop.

Here in Brazil, and in several other countries, there is the possibility of buy gift cards (the famous gift cards), which can be redeemed in their respective eShops. In other words, a Brazilian eShop card cannot be redeemed in an account configured to access the Switch store in any other country, and can only be redeemed in the Brazilian eShop.

So, the solution would be to buy gift cards from the Argentina eShop, right? Wrong. Nintendo does not sell gift cards for the Argentine Switch storeprobably to prevent players from other countries from being able to use the store manitos.

Can I still buy cheaper games on the eShop in other regions?

Yes! Although Argentina’s eShop has been blocked for users from other countries, It is possible to find cheaper titles in stores such as Chile, Peru, the United States and even Australia, among many others. You can also take advantage of the website to find the best prices for games that are on your radar and pay less when purchasing in other regions.

Even with the Argentine store blocked, it is still possible to find cheaper games in eShops in other regions eShop-Prices/Reproduction
Even with the Argentine store blocked, it is still possible to find cheaper games in eShops in other regions.

Obviously prices are not usually as low as on the Argentine eShop, but you can still find cheap games in other stores. In some cases, the price of the Brazilian store is lower than that of neighboring countries, but other regions may be more advantageous.

Overcooked! 2, for example, costs R$133 on the Brazilian eShop and R$117.61 on the Australian one. The already mentioned Blasphemouswhich costs R$133.90 on the eShop in Brazil, costs just R$79.16 on the eShop in Chile — R$ 50 more than in Argentina, but still almost R$54 cheaper than in our region.

I.e, You can still save a lot using eShops from other regions.

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Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/271758-eshop-prices-confiavel-veja-achar-descontos-switch.htm

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