A Ignis Cup 2024the competition inclusive of LoL, was announced by Riotand now the competition will feature tthree splits, one more than the previous year. Check out the article on how the new system will work.

Ignis Cup 2024 will feature Open Qualifiers

For each Ignis Cup 2024 Split, there will be two Open Qualifiers promoted by the Godess Tour, resulting in 6 open qualifiers. The two Qualifiers per split will generate scores to unite the 8 best teams.

The top 8 will qualify for the playoffs of the respective split. Check the scores for each Open Qualifier:

Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

What will the playoffs be like?

The play-offs will be in the format of Best of 3 nas quarterfinals and becoming Best of 5 both in semi-finals as in Grande Final, which will be in person. Check out the competition switching example:

In the photo, the Ignis Cup 2024 playoffs switching model
Image: Reproduction/Riot Games

Dates for the Fire Cup 2024

The first Open Qualifier of the first split of the competition will take place on March 28th and run until the 31st of the same month. The second Open Qualifier of the first split of the competition takes place from April 11th to the 14th of the same month.

The playoffs of the first split take place from the 7th to the 10th of May, and closing the first split, the in-person Grand Final takes place on the 25th of May.

Image of the Ignis Cup 2023 stage
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)
Sergio Fiorini
published in February 21, 2024

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