Skins no VALORANT are an essential part of the player experience. However, it is common to go through the situation of buying an item that you later no longer like. know how to refund in VALORANT in a simple and effective way.

Next, we will explain how the refund system works in VALORANT and which items can be refunded. If you prefer, skip straight to the topic of how to refund skins or how to refund VP.

How does the refund system work in VALORANT?

Before learning how to refund a skin in VALORANT, you should understand how Riot’s system works. You can only refund skins that were purchased within the last 14 days.

In some types of refunds, Riot takes a “teaspoon” and makes it even if it’s been 14 days. This benefit can only be used once, so think carefully before confirming.

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Furthermore, this skin cannot be used in any match. How does Riot define it? Well, you can’t get to the loading screen of a match in VALORANT in any game modeand that even includes custom matches or Practice Mode.

In addition skin cannot be part of a package that has already been partially used, as Riot does not refund packs. For example, if you bought a pack of 5 weapons, used 4 of them, and only want to refund the weapon you haven’t used yet, that won’t be possible.

What can I refund in VALORANT?

Not VALUING is it possible to refund skins compared separately, provided they meet the aforementioned criteria. Furthermore, it is also possible to refund VALORANT Points, currency used to buy cosmetics in the game. Remember the rules:

  • The Skin must have been purchased within the last 14 days;
  • This skin has not been used in any matches (including custom ones);
  • The Skin cannot be from a pack that has been partially used.

What can’t I refund in VALORANT?

Below, check out the list of items that cannot be refunded in VALORANT:

  • Character contract levels
  • Battle Pass
  • Battle Pass Levels
  • Weapon skin levels
  • Radiant Dots
  • skin packs
  • Used Accessories (Weapon Keychains, Player Cards, etc.)
  • agents
  • Any purchase made with Kingdom Credits (Agent Gear, Accessory Shop)

How to refund non VALORANT skin

This option is available to all players in the game. Check out the step by step to learn how to refund the skins.

Step 1: Access your account and log in Riot Games support page.

VALORANT support for refunding skins
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Step 2: Click refund for unused content and scroll down the page until you find the option “Get order history” and click on it.

Get order history for refund in VALORANT

(Photo: Playback/Riot Games)Step 3: Locate the skin you want to refund and click “Reimbursement” By her side.

(Photo: Playback/Riot Games)

Step 4: After clicking on “Refund”, a confirmation message should appear.

After submitting your refund request, Riot Games will assess whether you meet the refund requirements. If you are eligible, you will receive your refund virtually instantly. Open VALORANT and check if the refund has been made, but in some cases it may take a few minutes.

Can I refund a full skin pack in VALORANT?

You will only be able to refund a complete pack of skins if you have not used the items once. you can check what are the most expensive skins in VALORANT.

Is it possible to refund VALORANT Skins after use?

It is not possible to refund VALORANT skins that have already been used in matches. After use, a skin is considered “consumed” and can no longer be returned for a refund. This policy is intended to prevent players from using skins for a brief period and then requesting a refund, which would allow them to use the skins for free.

How to request reimbursement of VP (VALORANT Points) not VALORANT?

You can request a VP refund by sending to ticket. Cash refunds are available for 14 days after a transaction, as long as the PVs have not been spent.

Step 1: Log in to your VALORANT account and click on the page to submit a ticket.

How to submit a ticket to riot
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Step 2: select the option “In-Game Content Questions/Issues and Refunds”

How to claim a VP refund
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Step 3: After choosing the option fill in the subject, description and click on “I want to refund an in-game purchase”

How to claim a VP refund
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Step 4: select the option “other” and describe that you want to get your VALORANT Points refunded

How to claim a VP refund
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It’s important to mention that if you don’t have items that can be refunded, a message will appear as follows: “At this time, there are no in-game items that are eligible for a refund.”

Frequently asked questions about PV refunds in VALORANT

  • Cash refunds will be issued to the payment method you used to purchase the VP in VALORANT;
  • Gift cards and prepaid cards are non-refundable in VALORANT;
  • If your payment method does not allow refunds, Riot may refund your purchase for an appropriate amount of In-Game Currency.

Now you know how to refund VALORANT items, you can also find out how much you’ve already spent with VALORANT through your purchase history.


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