With the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 knocking on the door, many may be curious about the size of the game. Now that we have more information and even the reviews no arwe can estimate how long it takes to complete Miranha’s adventure.

Of course, the amount of hours that each person can spend on the same game may vary, but, in general, it is possible to finish just the campaign in around 17 hours. To do everything in the game, you might get closer to 30 hours of gameplay.

Back in September, Insomniac had already confirmed that the size of Spider-Man 2’s campaign would be very close to the first game. On the eve of launch, with more information and many analyzes released, we can now confirm this duration.

For our analysis of the game, editor Mateus Mognon had a total playing time of 30 hours. To complete 100% of all main and side quests, he played for 25 hours.

However, Matthew did not seek Platinum, so maybe the gameplay time may vary a little if you want to hunt all the trophies. To get all the achievements, you may need to spend around 30 to 35 hours in the game.

The well-known website How Long to Beat already has some records of playing time. According to the information, completing the main story and just some secondary ones should yield 17 and a half hours of gameplay. To complete everything in the game, it will take you little more than 27 hours.

Tempo of Spider-ManFonte:  How Long to Beat

A average of all records is 25 hours. But it is worth highlighting that these numbers become more representative of reality after the official launch. After all, more people record their experiences on the website.

Overall, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 delivers a lot of content, and it’s still possible choose to explore more or less of this worlddepending on how much you want to engage with the side missions.

Of course, 30 hours is still a long time, but it’s still less than many open world games that can stretch beyond 100 hours. AND for many, this is a big positive point of Insomniac’s new game.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be released exclusively for PS5 this week, October 20th. Those who pre-purchased will have access to the game from midnight Brasília time.

Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/272898-tempo-leva-zerar-spider-man-2.htm

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