the universe of Minecraft is vast and full of possibilities, allowing players to unleash their imagination and create incredible worlds. And when it comes to recreating iconic pop culture locations, the crafters don’t disappoint.

Recently, a user of Reddit called ducky_67 surprised the community by presenting his meticulous recreation of the castle of Hogwartsthe saga’s famous magic learning center Harry Potter. Check out the video result below:

I have been working on my Minecraft Hogwarts for 7 years now
by u/ducky_67 in Minecraft

A seven year journey

The recreation of the magic school was not a simple task. Ducky_67 revealed that he has already dedicated seven years of work to the project, and the result is breathtaking. The castle, instantly recognizable to any fan of the Little Witch series, has been recreated with impressive attention to detail.

From the Quidditch pitch, through the Herbology greenhouses, the Grand Staircase and even the Gryffindor Common Room. Every corner of the castle has been carefully built into the game by the player over the last few years.

The castle’s exterior and interior received equal attention, ensuring that every room, hallway and open space was as faithful as possible to how it was portrayed in the films and books. And while the project is already impressive, the creator revealed that there’s still a lot of work ahead.

The Minecraft recreation of Hogwarts is packed with detail!

The user anticipates another three years of construction until the Hogwarts castle is finally complete, totaling a decade dedicated to this monumental conception. The timing for the conclusion will be perfect, as a new series based on the Harry Potter universe is coming to streaming Max in the future.

For fans of Harry Potter, being able to explore such a faithful recreation of Hogwarts is a real gift. And for the Minecraft community, it’s a testament to what can be achieved with dedication and passion.

While the map in question is currently unplayable, it’s worth noting that Harry Potter fans can delve into the wizarding world. Earlier this year, the game Hogwarts Legacy was released on PC and consoles, featuring a successful adaptation of the movie universe with an original story.

And you, what do you think of this recreation of Hogwarts? Did you like it? Tell us on social media Voxel!

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