Epic Games is well known for its generous initiative of gifting players with weekly games, adding even more value to their libraries. This practice has become a tradition, and this Thursday (22) things would be no different: Super Meat Boy Forever is now available for free on the platform for the next seven days.

It is worth remembering that several important titles were already free there, including Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, GTA 5, The Outer Wilds and many others. The most recent, which has been available since last Thursday (15), was Dakar Desert Rallya real racing simulator off-road For enthusiasts, no one can fault it.

More details on this week’s free Epic Games Store game

Want to know more details about this week’s free Epic Games Store game? So check out a trailer and a brief description of Super Meat Boy Forever!

With frantic and challenging gameplay, in Super Meat Boy Forever players take control of Meat Boy and his partner, Bandage Girl, as they face a series of procedurally generated levels to save their daughter, Nugget, from the hands of Dr. Fetus.

The sequel features simple and responsive controls, combined with a variety of moves and abilities to master, including dodges and very different powers. In addition to the main campaign, the title also offers a variety of additional game modes, including daily challenges and a training room to hone your skills.

Is Super Meat Boy Forever worth playing?

On Steam, the average player rating for Super Meat Boy Forever is “neutral”, while its average on Metacritic is 66 points. Thus, it is possible to suggest that the title is fun, but without offering anything “out of the box”.

Considering its full price of R$37.99, it is worth redeeming the game for free to enjoy it in a hassle-free way. After all, it’s free, right?

How to redeem the free game from the Epic Games Store?

To redeem Super Meat Boy Forever for free on the Epic Games Store it’s very simple. First, of course, you need to have an account on the platform. Then click on the link below, go to “Get” and that’s it, it will already be saved in your personal library. Now just download and have fun!

Super Meat Boy Forever is Epic Games’ free game this week.Fonte:  Epic Games

Remembering that the game is now available for free on the Epic Games Store and will remain so until next Thursday (29), at 1 pm (Brasília time). Click the link below to redeem:

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