DLLS is a technology created by NVIDIA that has been implemented in practically all PC games, aiming to present a highly realistic look and save video card power. This is because the solution allows you to create incredible graphic effects, especially in relation to shadow, light and reflections, using algorithms and artificial intelligence.

However, the technology can go to other levels in the future. In an interview with the Digital Foundry website, Bryan Cantanzaro, vice president of specialized research at NVIDIA, stated that, In the future, a hypothetical DLSS 10 could generate all the frames of a game using only neural networkswhich would considerably reduce the work of video cards.

Example of applying DLSS in the game Cyberpunk 2077Source: NVIDIA

Game production will also be cheaper

Also according to the executive, the advancement of technology will also be beneficial for game producers. This is because using rendering that is increasingly dependent on the neural network, there would not be as much effort and labor required to produce a single title.

However, this would not mean an increase in unemployment. According to Cantanzaro, even though technologies evolve over time, It will still be necessary to have people working on other processes, whether in the correct application of these graphic elements, or in other essential points in creating a game, such as story development, etc.

DLSS uses algorithms to recreate graphic elements in a gameDLSS uses algorithms to recreate graphic elements in a gameSource: NVIDIA

Quoting Cyberpynk 2077 as an example, the executive does not believe that, no matter how much artificial intelligence is improving, it would be capable of creating a game as complete as CD Projekt Red’s

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Source: https://www.tecmundo.com.br/voxel/272119-dlss-10-renderizar-jogos-inteiros-usando-redes-neurais-preve-nvidia.htm

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