Among the many new features that the CS2 brought, one went unnoticed by fer. The two-time Major champion player was startled when he saw the character’s legs and got a huge scare. It took him a while to understand the new features introduced in the game.

During live, fer was playing a game on Nuke. He was in the duct and was going to go down to take space from the opposing team. When trying to make the move, he saw his own doll’s legs, but thought it was an opponent and started shooting.

The event was not clear to Fer at first, and it took him a while to understand that now the character’s legs can be seen when looking down. The player commented on the play on X (formerly Twitter).

I lost everything in the smoke to go to the duct… When I thought I was [no duto]I thought there was a CT under the stairs

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in October 6, 2023


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