Fans of the franchise Armored Core you can celebrate: the new game from Bandai Namco Entertainment, in which you feel like a pilot who operates gigantic mechs and is capable of destroying everything. We are talking, of course, about Armored Core VI – Fires of Rubiconone of the most anticipated releases of the year.

Created by developer FromSoftware, the game promises to provide many hours of emotions and challenge. Check out everything Bandai brought to gamers in this new release, which combines an incredible story and grandiose settings with an excellent gaming experience.

Learn everything about Armored Core VI – Fires of Rubicon

Continuing the history of the franchise, Armored Core VI takes place on a distant planet called Rubicon 3. There, humanity has found a new source of energy, which has the ability to greatly improve its technological capabilities.

However, this substance caused a major environmental catastrophe, setting the entire star system on fire. Now, humanity is once again trying to control this mysterious resource to try to use it to its advantage.

Em Armored Core VI, you are in the shoes of an independent mercenary, called only 612, who is piloting one of the titular Armored Cores, and will have to perform jobs for extraterrestrial mega corporations and resistance groups. Your only guide is the mysterious Handler Walter, who brings some clues along the journey.

You still have the responsibility of setting up your own mecha who will drive. Game design is one of the main assets of Armored Core VI: The machine has 3D maneuverability and can move freely to face three-dimensional missions.

Game Highlights

(Source: Bandai NAMCO/Reproduction)

Armored Core VI has conquered the gamers with its engaging story, although quite clear, and which leaves room for different interpretations. As you progress through the stages, the player receives a briefing with objectives, the contractor and the possible consequences of his actions. This means you can go through the missions in different ways, leading to different endings to the game.

That is, this game, like the franchise’s predecessors, does not work from a single linear path that needs to be followed to reach the end. You are responsible for making your own decisions and seeing where it takes you — or what trouble it gets you into.

The game impresses with its visuals and the detail of all the scenarios, resulting in a high-level design. Although Armored Core VI offers many mechanisms, its gameplay is accessible and you can opt for more complicated game modes as you improve your skills with the controls.

A moment that demands a lot of emotional control is when you come across the game’s bosses. They are large, very frightening machines that require a lot of strategy to be defeated. Luckily, you will have several weapon options to use in your fights.

amored core VI videogame(Source: Bandai NAMCO/Reproduction)

Without a doubt, one of the highlights of the franchise’s sixth sequel Armored Core is the high customization capacity of your mech. At the end of each mission, you can buy new parts for your machine, which will bring new combination possibilities and advantages in combat. It is possible to modify armor, equipment and test new skills before actually returning to battle.

O game It has been enthusiastically received by critics, with excellent scores on specialized websites. For those who enjoy a good action game, with the tradition of FromSoftware (which, it’s worth remembering, has been operating in the games market since 1986), Armored Core VI It’s a guarantee of moments living an electrifying adventure and, of course, full of shooting, beatings and bombs. And even if you’re not the biggest fan of the action genre, you’ll be able to enjoy a breathtaking aesthetic experience.


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