The update of CS 2 on August 31st brought great news to the game. Valve has introduced the CS Rating, a ranking that will rank the player’s skills among their friends, in the region and worldwide. Main name in Brazilian streaming, saplings played MD10 in CS 2 and discovered its rating; look.

After ten victories in competitive mode, Gaules received 14,703 points. The streamer had 10 wins in 19 games: 55% triumph. The Rating will be higher when the player achieves 10 wins in fewer games played.

When does CS 2 come out?

According to Valvethe new version of the game will arrive as a free update to CS:GO during the Brazilian winter, that is, at some point between June 21 and September 23, 2023.

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Bruno Martins
published in September 8, 2023


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