Blizzard announced the first big promotion Diablo IV no PC e consolesin addition to an event entitled “Mother’s Blessing“. In addition to a discount on the purchase of the game, the company will offer permanent bonuses of experience points and gold to all players, regardless of the platform or game mode chosen.

The Diablo 4 sale offers up to 25% off all editions of the base game between August 29th and September 5th in the Battle Net store on PC. The special offer was not released on PlayStation and Xbox consoles, where the game is also available.

Below, check out the promotional values ​​of Diablo 4 on the computer during the offer:

Standard Edition – R$ 272,90 (22%)
Digital Deluxe Edition – R$ 359 (20%)
Ultimate Edition – R$ 373,90 (25%)

Diablo 4

The biggest discount is on the Ultimate Edition, which includes the Accelerated Battle Pass, cosmetic items, and also exclusive mounts.

event for gamers

During the period extending from 2:00 pm on September 1st to 2:00 pm on September 5th (Brasília time), current Diablo 4 players will also be rewarded with 25% increased rates of EXP and gold. Lilith’s bounty will extend to everyone from Seasonal Realms to Eternals, spanning all gameplay difficulties.

The official description of the “Mother’s Blessing” celebration, shared by Blizzard, evokes a mystical atmosphere: “Scholars discover new secrets in their ancient tomes, while vaults nearly burst with gold unearthed from long-forgotten crypts.” This narrative suggests that players should prepare for an adventure filled with discoveries and rewards.

Updates and news on the way

In addition to the “Mother’s Blessing”, the developer is preparing to release patch 1.1.3 for Diablo IV. The update, which arrives today (29), brings a series of changes that promise to improve the experience. One of the main changes involves the crowd control skills used by elite monsters. With it, these blows will be less paralyzing, allowing users more opportunities to defend and re-plan their attacks.

In addition, the title will also receive several bug fixes, interface tweaks and other minor news. Currently, he is in his “Season of the Evil One”, but there are already plans for the “Season of Blood” in October, which promises to bring an engaging plot with the presence of vampires.

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