A great emulator has just arrived on iPhones. With the relaxation of its emulation laws, the tendency is for new emulators from all categories of consoles to arrive on the App Store in the coming days (or weeks) — great news for lovers of retro games.

The latest software available at the Apple Store is Delta – Game Emulator, a free emulator for Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, Game Boy Collor and Game Boy Advanced. The app will also receive other platforms soon.

In addition to the possibility of using codes and cheats in various games on the platforms mentioned above, players will be able to save their progress in the pause menu. Support for different types of controls via Bluetooth is also included — it is possible to use everything from the PS5’s DualSense to the keyboard. See the list:

  • Controle Nintendo Switch Pro e Joy-Cons;
  • PS4 and PS5 controls;
  • Controles de Xbox One e Xbox Series;
  • MFi controls;
  • Bluetooth keyboards.

Another interesting new feature of the emulator is the possibility of playing online multiplayer for up to four players. The platforms that support the functionality are the NES, SNES and N64. The look is also very cool, with the possibility of transforming your iPhone or iPad into a Game Boy or even a more compact Nintendo DS.

Delta – Game Emulator is now available for free download on the App Store.Font: Delta

Therefore, thanks to Apple’s new rules, it will now be possible to play games from the franchise Mario, Pokémon and so many other classic adventures from the Big N catalog through your iPhone or iPad. If you want to know more about Delta, or even download it, click on the link below:

Delta – Game Emulator is an evolution of GBA4iOS

The first official emulator to reach the Apple Store was iGBA — banned shortly afterwards. The reason? It was not a legitimate work by developer Mattia La Spina, who registered it on the platform.

Screenshot of GBA4iOS, an emulator created by Riley Testut over 10 years ago and which gave rise to Delta - Game Emulator.Screenshot of GBA4iOS, an emulator created by Riley Testut over 10 years ago and which gave rise to Delta – Game Emulator.Fonte:  The Verge

In fact, iGBA was an unauthorized clone of GBA4iOS, developed by Riley Testut — the rightful owner of the code. A user of the Mastodon social network discovered that the software did not reference the license, which consequently ended up violating Apple’s terms. Therefore, the app was banned for violating the App Store’s copyright and spam rules.

Shortly after the incident, Testut launched Delta – Game Emulator, which is the evolved version of its predecessor, GBA4iOS — but now with the development rights of the emulator owner himself.

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