As CS2, the way for the player to mediate, in a certain way, his skill is through Premier mode. It is the new ranking launched by Valve in the new title of Counter-Strike. Everyone wants to be in the highest ranks, but almost 40% of players are in the top five ranks.

According to data extracted from the Leetify website and data from 1.9 million players, the link that goes from 4 thousand points to 5 thousand Rating receives, in comparison to the other ranks, the majority of players. With 15.5% of total players, the rank has the most users.

Additionally, 38.6% of players are in the top five ranks of Premier mode. Ranks with fewer players are higher. After 10 thousand Rating points, the number of users only decreases.

Photo: Reproduction/Leetify

Differences for the CS2 beta

The distribution of players in CS Rating after launch differs from that seen in the Limited Test phase. At the time, in the Beta, Leetify identified that 62% of players were below the 10,000 point rating. After the official launch, the number rose to 78%.

As the game is recent, the ranking numbers are not fully calibrated. The passage of time is crucial for the curve to present stability and balance.

Bruno Martins
published in December 1, 2023


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