No CS2, many players are missing a command. O “cl_righthand 0″very popular code in other FPS editions, is not available in the new game in the franchise and may never arrive.

The command allowed the player to place the weapon in his left hand. A Valve has not made the option available in CS2 until now.

After launch, the community believed that the command to switch weaponry to the left hand would arrive in a matter of time, but it appears that Valve did not add the option to CS2. According to insider Gabe Follower, known for bringing information about CS2, Valve had completely removed control of the game.

For the content creator, there may be a feasible reason. According to Gabe, the option will be disabled due to the new graphics engine. Since players can observe the character’s feet and shadows, it wouldn’t make sense to allow the command.

Photo: Reproduction/Valve
Bruno Martins
published in October 20, 2023


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