The Red-Negro lovers of Counter-Strike They don’t understand anything. Two months after returning to the competitive CS2the cast of Flamengo was released, and the Gávea organization will look for other players to represent the club’s colors on the servers.

The information was collected by the Dust2 portal and confirmed by the organization. On the website, Rafael Mendes, CEO of Flamengo Esports, spoke about the situation. For him, the departure of a player made the board rethink its strategies.

We are in a period of transition and adaptation after leaving HUASOPEEK. This change made us reevaluate our strategy considering the number of players available on the market and the team’s chemistry.

Now without a team in CS2, Flamengo is racing to find a new squad to finish the 2023 season. According to Mendes, the organization wants to present the new players next week.

Photo: Reproduction
Bruno Martins
published in October 20, 2023


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