The Danes forgery e staff were involved in a major controversy during the transfer window when they were playing for Heroic. The organization announced the players’ departure to the bench, and now they have been officially announced by Astralis.

On a collision course with Heroic’s management, the players warned that they did not want the continuity of cadiaN in the team, which took everyone by surprise. Heroic management tried to remedy the situation, but received an ultimatum from the duo: either CadiaN, or the rest of the cast. The organization would have to choose one.

With that, Heroic decided to separate from cadiaN and keep the four remaining players – jabbi, stavn, TeSeS e whoosh. That’s where the controversy begins. With the decision made to continue with the squad, the organization proposed a renewal for stavn and jabbi, but the two did not sign the agreement and revealed a future transfer agreement to Astralis.

This Friday morning (24), Astralis officially announced the arrivals of stavn and jabbi in the starting team. The duo’s debut in their new home will be at BetBoom Dacha 2023, which starts on December 5th. The competition will be attended by MIBR e FURY.

Photo: Reproduction/Astralis
Bruno Martins
published in November 24, 2023


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