Being at the top of matchmaking is a dream that many gamers have. Counter-Strike have. Getting there is for few. Proof of this is that only 0.3% of players CS 2 exceeded 20 thousand points in Premier mode.

According to a survey by the Leetify platform, which analyzed nearly 440,000 accounts, 0.3% of players are at the top of CS 2. The score range with the most players is 8,000 points, which is 9.6%, followed by by players with 9 thousand points with 9.6% of the total.

According to the survey, Leetify did not find any player with less than a thousand points. Furthermore, 3.7% of players have around a thousand points in CS RatingCS 2’s new competitive mode.

When does CS 2 come out?

According to Valvethe new version of the game will arrive as a free update to CS:GO during the Brazilian winter, that is, at some point between June 21 and September 23, 2023.

Photo: Reproduction/Leetify
Bruno Martins
published in September 14, 2023


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