O CBOLÃO it is approaching! With this, the organization of the event has already started to publicize the various attractions and casts that we will have at the event created by Baiano for the LoL community in Brazil.

This Tuesday, the championship confirmed the presence of paiN 2015, one of the main casts in the history of the scene. We, sirT, Mylon, brTT e Dioud they will be together again in search of another title.

In addition to them, other attractions are confirmed, such as the paiN Ignis and monochampion teams, which are other highlights of the event. With an international presence, the organization also agreed on the arrival of CoreJJ and Flanalista.

CBOLÃO’s second in-person event

This is the second time that the competition will take place in person. Still this year, the competition filled the Memorial da América Latina. The Os Primos team, composed of Guigo, Aegis, Grevthar, Brance e Jojo, he was the great champion and took home R$50 thousand in prizes.

Furthermore, they were collected R$210 thousand for charity in the last edition of the championship. Bringing together all the previous editions of CBOLÃO, the competition raised more than one million reais in donations.

Donations were allocated to different causes in previous editions, such as the purchase of Oxygen Masks, supplies for Amapá during the blackout, NGOs supporting homeless people and even a shelter for stray animals.

Photo: Riot Games
Luis Santana
published in November 28, 2023

Source: https://maisesports.com.br/cbolao-2023-time-da-pain-de-2015-jogara-o-torneio

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