A Riot had already revealed that the CBLOL Academy 2024 would have 12 teams and an open qualifier for the entry of the two new teams. This Friday (15th) more details about the tournament, new format, invited teams and more were given.

All CBLOL organizations confirmed participation in CBLOL 2024

An important change in the CBLOL Academy division regulations is that the franchise’s 10 teams are no longer required to have youth teams. However, even without playing in the competition, they must still contribute to the league’s development fund.

At least for the first split, Riot revealed that the 10 CBLOL teams chose to remain in the CBLOL Academy.

Qualifiers for CBLOL Academy 2024

With the 10 CBLOL teams confirmed, we will have two places for the CBLOL Academy 2024 1st split. Altogether they are two open qualifiers held by Liga.GG, which will take place in January. Each will have 128 vacancies, waiting list and departures in MD5 format. The final will be in MD5.

As registration for open qualifiers opens on January 2nd, whose link has not yet been revealed by Riot. Below, see the date of each selection:

  • Open Qualifier 1: January 13th to 16th (starts at 6pm)
  • Open Qualifier 2: January 19th to 22nd (starts at 6pm)

Teams earn Circuit points based on their placement in each qualifier. The two teams with the most points will win places in the CBLOL Academy 2024.

(Image: Disclosure/CBLOL)

Who can participate in the CBLOL Academy 2024 qualifiers?

Riot made it clear that, to maintain the tournament’s goal of revealing talent, each team will only be able to have two “veteran players” in its line-up.

What is a Veteran player?

They are those who are 24 years old or over and have been selected in at least 19 games in any Stage of the CBLOL.

Teams will be able to register a third line-up, if it is inclusive

Another important point is that an organization that is already in the CBLOL and the CBLOL Academy can compete with a third team, if it is an inclusive line-up.

We understand this decision as a way to further promote the inclusive scenario, in parallel with other initiatives, such as the Ignis Cup, Revelah Casters and Inhouse Jinx.

For example, paiN Gaming, which is the current champion of the Ignus Cup, can compete in the qualifiers with its line-up, even though it has a team in the CBLOL and one in the Academy.

Image of the CBLOL Academy trophy
(Image: Disclosure/Riot)

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